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She is an award-winning AI/ML innovation leader and a leading expert in data governance with a vision to build the trustworthy AI solutions. She has also received the honour of “Global Women Achievers 2022” by World Women Leadership Congress.

She works at the intersection of data science, product and research teams to deliver business value and insights at Walmart Global Tech India. She carries over a decade of experience enabling data-driven solutions spanned across a wide spectrum of domains including digital advertising, risk analytics, e-commerce, travel, and supply chain. She has worked in various roles from telecom engineering to building novel AI solutions and establishing data as a culture

She is a director with AI4Diversity which is a nonprofit platform engaging and educating communities of color about artificial intelligence (AI).

She is an AI Ethicist and a researcher at the Center for AI and Digital Policy Spring’22 with a prime focus on AI policy analysis, research and evaluation. She has conducted several workshops demonstrating how to integrate ethical principles in an AI/ML project lifecycle.

Her novel inventions in the field of Bayesian Networks have led to pathbreaking solutions in causal and prescriptive analysis and resulted in 12+ patents.

She is an international speaker at renowned conferences like Predictive Analytics World (PAW), Open Data Science Conference (ODSC), Big Data and Analytics Summit Canada, MLOps World, WomenTech.

She runs a successful blog with a mission to democratize machine learning and break the jargon for everyone to be a part of this transformation. She passionately promotes the inclusion and growth of women in STEM and has been featured on “Million Stem” as an inspiration for the next-gen.

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Northcap University (Aug 2007 - July 2011)

FRM charterholder (2014-15)

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Walmart Global Tech India

Blue Yonder